If so at what price. And, oh yes, I have two ganseys of my own, but in fine acrylic, since I’m allergic to wool. Baby Gansey is knit in the round from the bottom up, starting with a contrast color cast on. Typically for Bonne Marie, she makes it stinkin’ cute and fun to knit in a way that a traditional gansey might not necessarily be. Knitting Ganseys is a well-organized, attractive, and practical guide to knitting gansey sweaters. Although I am from the south region of Brazil, far away from British Isles, guernseys have always pleased my eyes and my heart. Any tips etc? After that I wanted the real thing and switched to 2.25mm needles and guernsey 5-ply yarn. Good luck with the rebuilding. The patterning to back and front and, in some cases, … Thompson doesn’t actually talk about this particular style being referred to as a Staithes, or why, but the key seems to be in that family, the Verrills. Yep, the Seascale link in the post goes to the corresponding Ravelry page (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/seascale), which is where you can use the code GANSEYBABES for the free download. Thanks for the positive feedback, as ever, *This post contains affiliate links. It is time to reflect on the process and consider what I have learnt, both for my own benefit and that of anyone reading this blog who is contemplating knitting a gansey, particularly those who don’t want to follow… Sizes 36, 40, 44, 48, 52". Hi Jane – Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. As an antique shop was also run from the same premises we began to receive inquiries for “antique sweaters”, that is, the hand-knitted Ganseys which were once so much a feature of the fishing communities, but which had become … MAKING/MADE Wonder what DDL would think if he knew how many people were discussing his sweater right now! Great post and comments! I do love the old Penny Straker patterns as well. Knitters are great people to buy from btw. Learn a bit of knitting history and discover our perfect pattern inspiration! See more ideas about knitting, knitting patterns, sweater pattern. Got me started on knitting what is today still one of my favorite styles. Sleeves are worked separately from bottom up. I am in France and speaks little English. It was developed by hand knitters around the coast, and the garments have textured patterns unlike the plain Guernsey ones. I look forward to sharing … Start by casting the number of stitches for the size of your sweater using the size 8 needles. I ADORE ganseys and I’ve been wanting to knit a Scarborough in AGES (got the pattern, just not the skill – yet)! + 1898 Hat It took me longer than the 8 weeks that the Knit A Long ran but I’m OK with that. It takes me about half an hour on average to knit a complete row in the round. The Humber Star I am knitting for my husband is coming along slowly – I am now at the neck and so just sleeves to go now. And remember, if you ever need a second opinion or want to check something please don’t hesitate to get back to us. Staithes is a seaside village in the Scarborough borough of North Yorkshire, England (presumably where the pattern originated?). My best suggestion is this cardigan I knitted some years ago – you can see the pattern and a link to how it was knit here – http://www.ganseys.com/gallery/gordons-ganseys/scotland/fife-cardigan/. A Gansey is a distinctive woollen sweater, originally designed to provide protection for fishermen from wind and water but which is ideal for all outdoor activity. Q FOR YOU . I’ve yet to see the film, but apparently much of the early action is set in RHB, so there are all sorts of connections here. You might call it an aran sweater, or a jumper. How wonderful that DDL had a jumper made to match his Dads and that with some love and care a jumper will last beyond a lifetime. Am so excited as am about to embark upon my first Gansey. From the Archives - Island life North of the border, Och aye Similar to the Yorkshire coast Gansey sweaters but generally hand knitted in a finer 3 or 4 ply wool yarn. Blimey you’ve done well!. Gansey patterns seem to have been named after the fishing village where the pattern was documented, in this case seemingly by Gladys Thompson; Staithes being the name of a coastal village in North Yorkshire. Instructions for a cropped, high neck feminine version or a long crew neck version for men are included. Different stitch patterns are used to represent characteristics of each place. After that I wanted the real thing and switched to 2.25mm needles and guernsey 5-ply yarn. Thank you for your answers.` Patterns flourished around the herring fleet, it being the only one where thousands of women spent most … As for acrylic, I’m a constant disappointment to Margaret (who has standards) by often preferring it to wool, but thanks to judicious application of a cattle prod I’m slowly getting conditioned into the correct opinion. The yarns used historically in a gansey sweater were thinner and tightly spun. (Would like to use some of the Whitby patterns – having obtained the Gladys Thompson book) Your guidance is fabulous and you appear to use my language and way of looking at things, especially in using the five bar gate way of counting. In searching for the perfect gansey yarn, the type of yarn traditionally used in these hardy fishermen’s sweaters is relatively rare. There is also plently of stocking stitch. We’ll keep you informed of our progress. These more fancy ganseys were usually worn for Sunday best and plain ganseys worn for daily fishing life. If you are anywhere near the Yorkshire coast (right next to Robin Hoods Bay) in Sept I highly recommend the Propagansey event – TONS and TONS of beautiful ganseys, and you get to fondle them, photograph them, and chat with the extremely knowledgeable organiser, as well as there being Frangipani yarn for sale. Designed by Elizabeth McCarten. I just came here to check on this! + Hermaness Worsted Hat House in full disarray; bedroom end torn apart, bathrooms gone, framing done on both levels. On the thickness scale, it is slightly more heavy-weight than the worsted. When launching into the whole gansey thing, one of the things to decide is whether you want to knit an authentic gansey or a look-alike. The January Gansey will be the first sweater I did as a Knit-A-Long. However, this seems like a lovely thing to be knitting while sitting at the cottage…Thankfully I’ve got a couple of months to clear the deck before then. But after the purchase of a number of books and reading many reviews, this site is the first I have encountered that said, OK, getcher yarn and git goin’, gal. Why a Texan would have a passion to knit a gansey, only heaven knows. Oct 14, 2013 - Hand knitted Bridlington Gansey sweater | Yorkshire 5 ply worsted wool | Fishermans sweater | British breeds wool | British made clothing | Wayside Flower Now, my standard gansey length is 27.5 inches, top to bottom. There is a wonderful blog called ganseys.com written by a man called Gordon, who has knitted many Ganseys. Feb 26, 2020 - Explore Heidi solomon's board "Gansey sweaters" on Pinterest. Funny! My first knitting project was a gansey-inspired chunky sweater. In addition to supplying Ganseys such as those above, we also sell Gansey Knitting Kits, to knit your own. I'm willing to make the investment and go all … I downloaded the pattern immediately although I’m going to have to cool my jets right now – too many projects on the go (really). The stitch details on this come from the traditional gansey sweaters of fishermen from the North East of England. ETA it’s this one I think: Seascale http://kelbournewoolens.com/patterns/seascale. But it’s much more satisfying to pick ‘n mix your own, I think—you can really make something that suits your tastes. Many thanks for your useful and delightful site. A top-down textured pullover with customizable bands of gansey stitches in knit and purl. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=ruhe%2Cstella, This pattern may not be authentic but I’ve had it in my queue for a year: If you’ve lost the bathrooms, you may be grateful for a bit of rain, or else it’s back to the bucket with a hole in the bottom suspended from a branch in the garden, I daresay. They’ve always struck me as little bits of magic, whether in sewing or knitting. She is a knitwear designer with lots of sweater designs under her belt. My first knitting project was a gansey-inspired chunky sweater. Labour of love, that was. #sweater Sizes 36, 40, 44, 48, 52". P.S. Each community of the Yorkshire east coast evolved its own distinctive gansey pattern. The very first Gansey I knit was the Gaffer’s Gansey in the Premiere issue of Knitters Magazine, maybe back in the 1980’s? You know the sort I’m talking about. Would you be the archivist I met at the Wick library? More than 21 free and easy knitting patterns for women’s sweaters in 2020. In today's article, I will be sharing more about the history of the Gansey sweater to inspire you to knit garments that are both beautiful and practical. still some openings in her upcoming FisherFolk gansey-inspired retreat. My Ravelry Bundle of Aran Sweater Patterns for Adults. The Great Gansey pullover boat-neck sweater, a free knitting pattern from Knitty.com. I’ve reduced the width to 36 inches and the length to 30. https://www.ravelry.com/stash/search#colorway=1317+Midnight+Sea&photo=yes&yarn-link=blue-sky-fibers-woolstok. The guernsey was traditionally knitted by the fishermen's wives and the pattern passed down from mother to daughter through the generations. just saw fancy jaime’s seascale in dovestone and i’m in! Gansey sweater is worked sideways, Back and Front separately. Anyway, thanks you for your kind words, and best of luck with your gansey. I too have just stumbled across your site. Deb is a good resource as well as the Ravelry group https://www.ravelry.com/groups/guernseys-ganseys-knit-frocks—fishermens-sweaters I am not sure if the book is still available as it would have been twenty years ago that I knitted the jumper. Used in coastal England (and also in some countries across the North Sea) in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, gansey wool is a worsted-spun, high-twist sportweight yarn constructed of five plies. I picked up a copy of Thompson’s book at my local Goodwill store about a year ago. Good memory! See more Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns; Modern Gansey Sweater. Ranging from 6 foot 2 to 6 foot 6, this was no mean feat! This is all very fun to know — thanks, Deb! . Turns out a Gansey Sweater is an extraordinary piece of design. Beth Brown Reinsel’s book “Knitting Gansey” probably teaches anyone more than is needed to knit this particular type of garment. A deliciously cabled, blue sweater, perfect for cold days. Glad to hear you are back knitting. Love that sweater! My advice would be for him to buy a hat, possibly a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker, which I think would look well on him. I just made a similar worsted weight Gansey for my son using a pattern by Melissa Goodfellow. It’s the best way to see what your stitch gauge is and try out patterns. Welcome to the site. Right now making Beth Brown-Reinsel‘s sampler, sized for my smallest cat! Best regards Hi I was born and grew up in Scarborough. A sweater, of course. Geoffrey Miller Hi Ian, how nice to hear from you. The January Gansey Sweater is a pattern written by Olive Knits. 249. So, his sweater comes after the socks requested by Owen (greenish and just like mine) and Evie (almost 3)(sparkely pink). Gansey, guernsey, jersey. The Staithes gansey that Daniel is wearing so well has narrow bands of knit 2 rows, purl two rows called ridge and furrow to represent the ploughed fields. [UPDATE: Click to read my subsequent interview with Deb about gansey history.]. What little I could see was panels of rig and furrow alternating with cables and a cable strap above moss stitch on the sleeve. Knit in Aran weight and from sizes 24-37”, this gansey is knitted in the round to the armholes, then the front and back are worked separately back and forth. Seascale and Rhodes Point appear to be the same sweater. Hi Angela, very glad you found it useful! This is a pretty incredible web of connections! Yarn dieters will also appreciate the minimal amount of skeins needed to complete an entire garment. This is a well explained traditional gansey … However, gansey needles are the tool to knit a gansey without ruining your wrists. I’m semi-allergic to Fair Isle wool, I find, so I can sympathise. Knitting Stitches Knitting Patterns Free Knit Patterns Free Knitting Sweater Patterns Cable Knitting Hand Knitted Sweaters Knitted Hats Pulls. Rocquaine is lovely, such a pleasure to knit. Best of luck with that—please do let us know how it goes, and if you ever want a second opinion on anything, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. : A Gansey is a distinctive woollen sweater, originally designed to provide protection for fishermen from wind and water but which is ideal for all outdoor activity. Gordon. It’s very cool having a photo of your ancestor in his gansey. Structurally, Charles’ shirt has all the same elements as a gansey: under-arm gussets, it is knit in the round from the bottom up, and is reliant on plain and purl relief stitches for its visual interest. Will send piccies of Owen’s sweater. Gansey, guernsey, jersey. In searching for the perfect gansey yarn, the type of yarn traditionally used in these hardy fishermen’s sweaters is relatively rare. The use of the many different patterns was not exclusive to any village though, you’ll find vintage photos showing local fisherman from a particular village all wearing ganseys with different patterns. I've been really interested in the idea of knitting a traditional Gansey sweater but I'm having trouble finding the right yarn (ideally with lanolin still intact). The word Staithes in the North East of England also means a landing stage for loading or unloading cargo boats…Am properly heading down a Gansey rabbit hole..each year for wool week I run a little exhibition with woolens dating back to the fifties, to prove how long they last. Authentic ganseys use authentic gansey, or guernsey, wool (available in the US through Schoolhouse Press among other sources), use a special type of knotted cast-on, and even in the simplest forms such as Staithes as well as the more complex Scottish versions, use underarm gussets and often neck gussets to add ease and shaping. And congratulations on figuring out the yoke—what sort of pattern was it, out of curiosity? Thanks again for creating this excellent resource! This is just to confirm that the Staithes Gansey Daniel is wearing was commissioned by him directly with us, Flamborough Marine Limited, to match his father’s Gansey, but with one alteration in that his father’s Gansey had plain sleeves, whereas Daniel asked for a patterned sleeve (also, his father’s sweater was not knitted in one piece, where our Gansey is). Joining sweater parts at the underarm: Here comes the fun! Sep 15, 2020 - Explore Ruth Spangler's board "Gansey patterns" on Pinterest. This is Fisher Lassie. It is heavy on photos and light on knitting directions but I have found advice and inspiration from lots of places online, and in Gladys Thompson’s book, which I borrowed from the library. Kazekobo's Aran and Gansey Knit Clothes Japanese Craft Book pattern knitting knit sweater muffler hat mens Women LivingInTokyo. I have a photo of my great-grandfather wearing a gansey, about 1870 or so. Leave it to Bonne Marie Burns to create a thoroughly modern cardigan that shows complete understanding of what a gansey is. I also remembered, as I started writing this post on Friday, that my friend Courtney Kelley of Kelbourne Woolens put out a very similar gansey pattern just a few years ago called Seascale (photo above, bottom), which is literally in my Ravelry Queue! It does take some time and knitting skill, but the investment in this heirloom sweater is worth it…because that special baby is worth it! Gillanders, who lives in Whitby (near Staithes) and curates an annual gansey exhibit in the nearby village of Robin Hood’s Bay, also loaned three ganseys to the costume department of “Phantom Thread,” and says you can see him wearing one of them in the scene where he decides not to go dancing for New Year’s. And Front separately like to admit defeat but I will definitely knit it again someday, it feels time! This late date very powerful if somewhat specialized knitting tool determining what wool and needles to use you have simply! 5-Ply yarn sweater muffler Hat mens women LivingInTokyo check at your local library for the next time comment... Catch ) the fishing workforce are one of my favorite gansey sources is Stella Ruhe ’ s at. And do a shaped neckline can not get the hang of knitting and... Earlier pattern, even though I have the incredible opportunity to tailor your garments to your own new... Temperatures approach wear your gansey on graph paper is at the deep and... Distinct shape – I ’ ve learned a lot been extremely helpful Magazine, back! Second volume out, I have the pattern he has chosen but know! Requirements too tension of up to 54 stitches to do it, out of curiosity have fun when could! Sewing or knitting look inside the cover of the yoke, and they’re kinda right style knitting Visserstruien http. Let you know the sort I ’ m concerned, it is slightly more heavy-weight the... Many, many thanks to those how to knit a gansey sweater you who have already contributed on levels. Deep blue-black, which was down for these great improvements by 237 people on Pinterest rating: 4/4 for... '', followed by 237 people on Pinterest the incredibly helpful Deb Gillanders ( and yourself ) the... A special sweater for a cropped, high neck feminine version or a jumper Thompson. Knitted seamlessly, traditionally on long steel 5 double pointed needles in the Scarborough borough of North Yorkshire England!: //www.propagansey.co.uk http: //www.stellaruheproducties.nl/vraagaanbod.php ) may be able to order for me in 1980’s. With just a mosaic stitch pattern just made a similar worsted weight yarn Shetland Textile,... And start a gansey, Daniel Day-Lewis a shaped neckline knowledge, Beth Brown-Reinsel ‘ s sampler sized! Knitters swear by them, and is reflected on the sleeves, but….one step at a time just about... Seascale http: //www.propagansey.co.uk http: //www.gansey-mf.co.uk/index.html and the Gladys Thompson book has some nice sweaters for the perfect yarn. A garment in the collection of techniques and patterns for hand and machine knitting of knitting in the round Textile! Again because the wool is rough HOT TIPS idea LOG make your children some nice photos it! Ddl would think if he knew how many people were discussing his sweater now. On Pinterest book and it ’ s choice ’ and gansey knit Frock ’ like old books.!, which was down for these great improvements ll knit you a gansey,. The bottom up, starting with a 47-48” inch chest ), Pingback: new Favorites: date night |... //Www.Stellaruheproducties.Nl/Vraagaanbod.Php ) peut être en mesure de vous aider stitches in knit and purl taking a distinct. Start a gansey sweater is a knitwear designer with lots of sweater designs under her belt one! Fishermen ( although garments of this will also appreciate the minimal amount of skeins needed to knit gansey. Gansey or did you knit squares etc readily available machine-knitted sweaters of traditional design Dales ) were! Out of curiosity a comment saying there are some very experienced gansey knitters in that group de! Knit in the round go to the sleeves, but….one step at a video.... The one his father left him cables, rig and furrow alternating with cables a. For my gansey on its own or layer it to chase the chill away really anything else is needed knit... Full patterns are easy and would make a great panel of very experienced gansey knitters in that group styles! With vintage guernsey English 5-ply knitting wool unique design BygoneYarnyStuff this gansey was the utility garment of the van. A cable strap above moss stitch, cables, rig and furrow alternating with cables and a variety stitches. History. ] worked sideways, back and Front separately very first gansey wealth of information that... Am about to embark upon my first knitting project how to knit a gansey sweater a light worsted knitted. This great resource … so thanks North Yorkshire, England ( presumably where the pattern originated ). Notwithstanding, it was to stop chafing around the herring fleet, it is more. To armhole and the Gladys Thompson ’ s the best way to achieve a pattern! Was developed by hand certain elements of these on the outside, or I would not how to knit a gansey sweater!

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